Tools and Fools

This week the Can You Hear Me crew are back with unsound advice about tools, tales of 4th of July and general musings and stories which may or may not be true.

Gustav recalls an apocryphal story regarding a college volleyball player with strong legs and a stronger scent, which may or may not have occurred.  That prompts the crew to try and think of a way to get out of a bad situation when going South goes bad.  After some musing, Gustav thinks he has the ultimate escape plan.

Then the crew reads an email from long time listener and the official “Chef of Can You Hear Me”, Chef Robert.  Robert asks what are the must have tools for the modern homeowner.  Of course the fools have lots of thoughts about tools.  We are sure that there will be some red hot feedback from some of our West Texas brethren.

Gustav recalls some of his run in’s with electricity.  This may come as a shock, but Gustav is not a licensed electrician and has gotten him shocked pretty badly on occasion.  He brings up the story of how he was camping under a tree that got struck by lightning and Heavy throws a flag on the play and calls bullshit, but eventually, with the help of Ty they come to a compromise of semantics.

Lightning hitting a tree talk leads to Gustav and Heavy telling stories of how not to trim trees.  Don’t try to recreate their techniques.  They clearly state that the listener should not learn what to do, but should learn what not to do.

Heavy delivers a recap of 4th of July festivities of the Longmires and Gustav talks about his fireworks surprise explosion.

And the guys finally get around to answering Robert’s question of whether they approved of Tim Allen’s “Home Improvement” series back in the day.

tim allen chicken coop

Tim Allen Would Approve of Gustav’s Chicken Palace