Angela Lansbury Was Not That Bad

Once again KaJay Randill joins Heavy and Gustav to answer emails and listen to Gus claim Angela Lansbury was something in her day.    There is still no sign of Ty so KaJay Randill pulled our bacon out of the fire and kept Heavy and Gus from talking bonsai trees for an hour.  They try to be funny and ask non-sports Gus about his favorite sports documentaries.

Gustav recounts the boys at It’s Just Banter’s recent guest episode with Throatzilla, noted celebrity fellatio expert.    Then they open up the mail bag and answer ancient emails from four months ago.  Topical is never and adjective to describe Can You Hear Me.  Long time contributor and master of the flashlight and the  Voltron formation, Cody emails with a solid Halloween themed series of questions about costumes and candies and more.  Tell delves into the world of pumpkin chunkin in his email.  A new emailer tells us how science did the rest.

The boys discuss the best Don based on a series of tweets that AWOL Ty is a part of including Don Cornelius, Don Adams and Don Knotts.

angela lansbury youngGus just can’t help himself and he makes a stand on the relative hotness of Angela Lansbury in her youthful starlet days and then  he makes a very dad joke.

Heavy and Gus recount one of the roughest concerts they ever went to, which happened to be a Willie Nelson concert in Lubbock, TX in 1994 (although it could have been fall of 1993 and Gus just can’t quite pin it down.).


Let us know who you think the best Don is, or tell us about your crappy costumes of your childhood, or send us you sexy adult costume ideas or your favorite Halloween candy to

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America’s Favorite

Ty and Gustav are back with a myriad of topics and an unfortunate claim from someone that they are America’s Favorite.  Things get heated early on as Gustav must defend the comments he made about climate change back during the Professor Brad guest appearance.

america's favorite podcast

Things settle down for a little bit of moccasin talk.  Gus delivers an update on a prominent moccasin manufacturer’s omission of  classic style and then espouses the best traditional moccasin for walking around on rocks.

Alt-Country performer Nikki Lane has been getting some airplay so that reminds Ty and Gus of the time that she met Heavy Longmire at the Old 97’s County Fair.

The boys then turn to talk about scorpions and they wonder about their decline in the 903 compared to when they were youngsters back in the seventies and eighties.  Scorpion talk naturally leads to a discussion about 1981’s “The Clash of the Titans”  and some thrilling moments as they look up names of actresses on their phones.

Willie Nelson and Family’s music festival at Starplex is then discussed as well as the stances of lawn or seats.

Gus recounts the one testical bear trap story for anyone who may have missed it the first time he told it.

Ty discusses his first bout with acid reflux and how Copenhagen and cheap beer subsequently affected it.

John Prine was just discovered by Ty so they talk about that even though Gus got Heavy listening to him back in high school.

And Gus updates us with a surge in listeners in Virginia and everyone agrees that Virginia is for Lovers.

So send us your emails about America’s Favorite, the time you saw Willie Nelson or what you think happened to the scorpions to

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