Trough Urinals and Emails

The guys spend most of the 20th episode answering listener emails and going off on tangents about trough urinals, ice milk and race relations.  The episode was originally recorded back in June, several weeks before the unfortunate events in Dallas on July 7th.  One of this episode’s topics is how big a change desegregation was for the South and how just two generations removed from those times, the children of today think the idea of segregation sounds ridiculous.  The guys point out that the Nation has come a long way, but there are still obviously problems that still need to be worked through.

But for the most part this episode is like all the others, which means it is full of random thoughts, weird stories and a fair amount of nut kicking.  The Crandyman proposes that a local dirt track may have sent a copperhead strike force to the Monteblanc homestead and offers up another “White Couch” type of story that he heard in his youth.  Our West Texas Rancher shares a game changing idea for the strip club operators of the world and Pretty Little Nurse points out that she has some dating competition in her new West Coast town. Heavy actually offers up some solid dating advice for her.

All of these emails lead the boys down multiple rabbit trails, which isn’t any different than any other episode.  Gustav and Ty recall their summer job working for the school district.  During those summers, Gustav got stuck removing 70 year old trough urinals while Ty pointed out that his crew where taking naps.

old trough urinal

Gustav describes the music that he created and sent to the Below the Belt Podcast and describes it as horrid.  Below the Belt is a Mixed Martial Arts/History podcast that the guys are big fans of.  In the course of talking about Below the Belt, Gustav tells the story of how he was faced with sparring a 12 year old punk in Kendo class and how things escalated.  Hopefully, we will soon be able to get the Below the Belt guys on as guests or vice versa.

As mentioned earlier, the gang talks about how much has changed since our hometown was desegregated in the early sixties.  This leads the guys off on a discussion about post-colonial Africa and the current scramble for resources and influences that the U.S.A. and Europe are in with China.


Lizard Men, a White Couch and a Kick Ass Uncle

This week the boys are back in full force with a tale of a guy that believes that Lizard Men are ruling the earth.  But first, we follow up our UFO talk with a tale of an unidentified flying object from our West Texas brother Tellito of something he saw flying through the sky one cold evening long ago.  Find out why what Tellito saw that night scares Gustav to this very day.

Ty and Heavy take a minute to thank the Fake Bailey Jay for guest hosting a few weeks back.  Maybe someday we will bring Fake Bailey Jay live in our garage studio.

Heavy brings up one of the folks he runs into in his professional life that has warned him about the second sun which may be hurtling towards Earth as we speak.  The same man has been warning Heavy that a reptilian race of lizard men are ruling human kind.  But the boys love conspiracy talk so they are up for the conversation.

lizard men and Jonny Quest

Lizard Men are Everywhere!

Travis sent in a very unfortunate story he heard about a couple in Arkansas, a white couch and the unluckiest dog around. The boys are shocked and amused at the same time.

Gustav touches briefly on the weirdness of Sid and Marty Krofft and their insane children’s shows which the crew grew up watching.  Mr. Show did a great satire of the Krofft products years ago.  Take a couple of minutes to watch the clip:


Then Gustav fondly remembers his aunt’s second husband who was the definition of a kick ass seventies dude.  Whether it was driving a Trans-Am way too fast, accidental discharges of a .375 H&H rifle or permanently scaring Gustav from using his Hippity Hop, this Uncle was the balls.  They don’t make them like that anymore.

So give us a listen and send us your emails at