City of Gustav – Unusual Christmas Traditions

Join Gustav for a Christmas themed discussion of unusual Christmas traditions from around the world.  Gus describes Saint Nicolas’s helpers like Krampus, Knecht Ruprecht and Zwarte Piet.  And he will explain intriguing Catalonian traditions such as Tio de Nedal (also known as Caga Tio ) and the El Caganer figurines in the Nativity.

krampus unusual christmas tradition


Then it’s time to revisit America’s favorite Christmas Poet as we replay Heavy’s 2016 Christmas poem.

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Heavy’s World Famous Baked Beans

The full Can You Hear Me crew is back this week for insane ideas, funny stories and Heavy’s World Famous Baked Beans.  After Gustav’s history lecture last week, the boys are ready to make each other laugh.

Despite trying to have a discussion about college sports team gear, Gustav derails the conversation early on with elbow talk and makes himself laugh more than any person should.  The guys get back on track and talk about the nature of Texas college sports fans.  Then Heavy and Gus vaguely remember a story about the horse from Texas Tech and recount an incident which may or may not have happened, but it makes for a good story either way (we are fully expecting hate mail from all sides after this segment).

Gus asks “what made you funny?” and Ty tries to answer while Heavy works to undermine the conversation.  Ty brings up Sid Caesar’s Show of Shows and Gustav tries to discuss the Marx Brothers, but it goes no where fast.

Then they turn their attention to a Twitter question about why they don’t use the song “Silent Running” by Mike and the Mechanics in the show open.  Gustav has reasons and he lays them out for you (but it is a great song from the eighties!).

Professor Brad sends Gustav texts throughout the episode which Gustav shares with the audience. Someday he will make a guest appearance, but only via texts this week.

heavy longmire's world famous baked beans

Get a Can of Heavy’s Baked Beans Wherever Trapping Supplies are Sold

Ty then gives some Oscar talk before Heavy talks way too much about his world famous baked beans.  The look of pride on his face as he talked about these baked beans was prouder than we have ever seen.

Then, on  a roll, Heavy talks about something extremely large he found.  This is a story not for the squeamish or more delicate listeners.  Plus Ty gives some further thoughts to his timing challenge.

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Timed Matriculation

After the heavyweight subject of the last episode the Can You Hear Me boys coast along with a review of the best meal ever, tales of Heavy’s dad and a bizarre story of timed matriculation.

night court eighties harry anderson

Harry Anderson in Night Court

The guys start off with some Night Court talk even though there is some confusion as normal.  Then Ty talks about his weird ritual during matriculation and attempts to lure Gus and Heavy into his sinister web.

money pit statue peeing

Heavy shares stories about his dad’s recent health issues and his interactions with the grandkids.

Then the guys discuss the greatest meal they ever had and review longtime friend of the show Chef Rob’s magical work at TJ’s Seafood in Dallas, TX.

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