The Best of 2016

After exhaustive listener polling, we have come up with the best of 2016 for the Can You Hear Me podcast.  Join Gustav as he guides you through some favorite moments of 2016. Plus stick around for a bonus montage.

can you hear me podcast wilford brimley don ameche hume cronyn

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Suzy’s Showbar and Tattooed Ladies

The Can You Hear Me boys return to their true form in Episode 25 with tales of Suzy’s Showbar, a discussion of breasts and a debate about tattooed ladies.  Once again we thank Professor Brad from the Below the Belt Podcast, which airs on the Blowout Podcast Network, for joining us on Episode 24 for our discussion of Blood Meridian . But once again we are back to the grind with our standard fare of content.

Suzie's Showbar front door

Gustav gets the ball rolling with a field report from his visits to Suzy’s Showbar(AKA Suzy’s Lounge).  Suzy’s Showbar is a quaint strip club nestled out in a semi-rural location about 30 miles outside of Philadelphia, PA.  While the club might not be the snazziest strip club in the world, it makes up for it in charm and ambiance .  Because he cares about the listeners, Gustav provides a laundry list of why he thinks this may be one of the most fascinating strip clubs he’s ever encountered.  He found it so fascinating that he agreed to take his work wives for a visit.  Listen to find out if they had as positive an outlook as Gustav did.

suzy's lounge strip club

Strip club talk leads to breast augmentation talk and the guys share their opinions on the potential downsides of a boob job gone wrong.  While they aren’t anti-breast augmentation, they all come up with some specific situations that they have observed.  And with the discussion of the dancers at Suzy’s Showbar, the conversation turns to the tattooed ladies.  Ty and Heavy talk about Danielle Colby from the television show “American Pickers” as an example of an attractive curvy tattooed lady.  With that example, the group then talks about the merits and downsides to tattoos on the fairer sex.

danni colby of american pickers

Dannielle Colby of American Pickers

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