The Black Falconer – Part Two

Join Ty and Gustav as they bring you part two of their award winning after school special starring special guest The Black Falconer.  Heavy was busy trapping varmints, so Ty and Gus shared a special evening with K.J. from Partial Recall and the Blowout Podcast Network.

black falconer survival tips

If You Want to Survive, Listen to the Black Falconer

No time for intro’s, they jump straight out of the chute with a tale of dyed pubic hair which will certainly be of interest to both men and women of every color and creed upon this blue marble that we are all living on.

Gustav recounts the Blowout One Million Download party and how everyone’s one and only was treated like a rock star when he showed up.  KJ is a bit fuzzier on events so he’s not much help as  Gus answers JJ’s tweet about the young future barrister’s dance moves.

Long time master of email Cody sends a question about a dank bag full of money which may or may not be supplied by Nigerian bankers.  We are waiting to hear back from Cody to see if we completely missed the point of the email as we spend an inordinately amount of thought on money laundering.

K.J. is also a co-host of Fuck the Walking Dead with Mike “Machine” Marshall.  With all the time he’s spent watching zombie shows, he has been thinking about post-apocalyptic survival plans.  Who better to talk about how to spend your first 36 hours after a catastrophic event than the Can You Hear Me boys?  Gustav of course has plenty to say, although he does incorrectly name a book about intentional communities and communes.  The correct name of the book is Getting Back Together and was written by Robert Houriet.

Ty and Gus would like to thank K.J. and his Landlord for their hospitality and letting them invade their deluxe apartment in the sky.

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