What is a Yankee?

Heavy, Ty and Gustav are back to answer emails, Twitter questions and have Heavy tell us what is a yankee.

Right off the bat, we apologize for some technical difficulties that we encountered during the editing of this episode.  We will try to do better moving forward, but we say that to the women in our lives, so don’t hold your breath.

For this episode, we put out the call to the listeners for emails and Twitter questions and once again you did not disappoint.  Except for Fake Bailey Jay who continues to disappoint us by not joining us in person.

Steve from Baltimore sent in a great email asking about what it means to be a Texan.  That leads Heavy to climb upon his soapbox, start pulling out maps and to try and get Ty and Gus to read some pamphlets he’s been working on.  That leads to Gus and Ty asking Heavy “What is a Yankee?”  That leads to it’s own lecture and once he is done, you will all be clear on his criteria.

mason-dixon line

Aaron , Tom and Fake Sports Bot send a ton of Twitter questions ranging from cigarettes, lawyers, gold, and topical tropical islands.

Gus has a show and tell with some recent additions to his vintage record collection.

Then the audio problem interrupts the guys having some serious old man talk.  And to further derail the good times, Heavy starts talking about politics in the 903 area code.


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Also be sure to check out Ty’s guest appearance on Megan’s Movie Podcast where they discuss The Breakfast Club.  Who knows how much longer till Ty and Megan start their own Peaches and Herb cover band.

The Bonus Halloween Episode

Episode 36 is a special bonus Halloween episode because Heavy and Gustav care about the listener, unlike Ty, who was busy being an international over 40 male model.  Undaunted, Heavy and Gustav take the listener on a horror hayride through the spooky haunts of the 903 area code.

To get the ball rolling, the boys look fondly back on how trick or treating is done in rural area and a small town.  Their experience isn’t the stereotypical idea of walking door to door.  Then they jump ahead to the hooligan years of teenage mischief on Halloween.  We weren’t bad kids, but we certainly pushed the boundaries.  The world is a lot different than it was back in the eighties and nineties and I’m not sure you could get away with what we were up to back then in today’s environment.

texas chainsaw massacre

Gustav and Heavy Know How Creepy Rural Texas Can Be

Heavy then talks about how terrified he was when he watched the Blair Witch Project.  He assures us that it was because he had been in some weird spots out in the 903 area code.  A few tales of strange goings on and supposed Satanic rituals at the old campground may have you siding with Heavy.  Be sure to stop and enjoy Heavy’s most spooky tale (wind sound effects included).  Gustav then recounts two odd occurrences that have happened in the last year and how he can’t explain them.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this bonus Halloween episode as much as we enjoy you listening to us.  If you have any ghost stories, weird occurrences or supernatural experiences, email them to us at canyouhearmepod@gmail.com and we will be sure to discuss them on an upcoming episode.  And if you want to tweet at us you can find us at @realgustav @longmireheavy @tywebb3000 and @canyouhearmepod.  Don’t forget to subscribe to us on iTunes, GooglePlay or however you get your podcasts.

Cologne and Leg Wrestling

Episode 30 of the Can You Hear Me Podcast finds the team answering emails about musical instruments, men’s cologne, alternate Olympic sports, leg wrestling and delivering a definitive position statement on the ladies lingerie.  We also added futuristic laser sounds to match Ty’s new futuristic Twitter handle.

To start the ball rolling, Fake Bailey Jay emails some frank things directed at Gustav and supports Ty and Heavy in their previous statements about tattoos.  Not to be outdone, longtime hall of fame contributor Cody Allen sends lots of good questions for the crew.  This leads to a discussion about Gustav’s lack of musical talent and then the curtain is pulled back to learn who the handsome devil is that can really play guitar.  Heavy spends an inordinate amount of time telling us about his cologne rituals and preferences.  Cody also asked about alternative Olympic sports which the guys come up with several good ideas rooted in their rural minds, the greatest of which is coed leg wrestling.  Then Gustav makes a stand against the 903 area code status symbol which is the Yeti cooler.

indian leg wresling

Fall Leagues Forming Soon for the North Texas Leg Wrestling Federation

In previous episodes, the topic of women’s lingerie had been alluded to, but postponed.  Gustav brings it back around for a full treatment.  Listen and find out where the other two old men stand on the issue.

It’s  fun episode whether you like the cologne you can buy at Wal-Mart or the expensive stuff at a fancy department store.  Feel free to email us your opinions on Yeti (the cooler or the abominable snowman), lingerie, bullet bras, cologne and anything else you can think of to  canyouhearmepod@gmail.com.   Also let us know on Twitter @canyouhearmpod  @realgustav @TYWEBB3000 @longmireheavy

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Eavesdropping and the Hand of Fellowship

The boys tackle listener email, eavesdroppers and a new twist on “the hand of fellowship” in episode 29 of Can You Hear Me.

Faithful listener Tellito sends in a follow up email about his pending move to town.  With their usual wisdom, the guys try to help provide some insight to this brave denizen of the West.  This leads to a discussion about the perfect piece of property out in the country and what that means and how that meaning changes over the course of one’s life.

For those of you who are fans of Ty based episodes, you are in luck.  Ty shares two stories which he had been saving.  The first story details his recent run in with an eavesdropper at a local restaurant and how he dealt with it.

He had been sitting on his second story for some time and finally had a chance to tell it in all it’s glory.  Listen to find out what the modern meaning of “the hand of fellowship” means in today’s modern church as Ty recounts a handsy husband which Ty witnessed on Mother’s Day at his church.hand on ass

Send us your tales of eavesdroppers or inappropriate church behavior and we will share them with the world.  Email us at canyouhearmepod@gmail.com

Voltron Formation and Roadkill

Episode 27 finds the crew answering listener emails about everything from roadkill to the Sheriff of Nottingham and lots of other strange things.  Starting things off, we have an email from Tom where he makes the mistake of inviting the guys to his new business facility which happens to be an old prison building.  Wanting to repay the kindness, Gustav offers up some helpful hints regarding 37mm grenade launchers.

The next email from Cody has the guys rolling on the floor laughing.  Cody never disappoints with his emails and this is no exception.  Not to give it all away, but it involves: decriminalization of marijuana, a bright flash light, unconventional making of whoopie and something he refers to as “the Voltron Formation”.

Voltron cartoon

Gustav also shares an email that the podcast received with possibilities for a business venture with a banker in Asia who just needs a serious business partner.

Once they pull themselves back together, they tackle the Butcher’s email where he points out the similarities between our beloved Heavy and the Sheriff of Nottingham from Walt Disney’s animated version of Robin Hood.

The Butcher also asks if they boys have ever eaten Roadkill.  You may not be surprised which of the guys has eaten and who hasn’t.  Gustav also shares the tale of when he and Heavy ran into a wild hog early one Easter morning back in the mid-nineties. (Neither Heavy or Gustav can remember what year the collision happened, which seems to be a symptom of their advancing ages).

feral hog north texas roadkill

Gustav was in shock after the wild hog hit his car

Then to wrap things up the boys talk a bit about bird hunting, the upcoming dove season and the pitfalls of duck hunting.

As always, if you have questions or comments, tweet the guys @realgustav or @longmireheavy or @tywebb3000 or @canyouhearmepod.  We can be reached via email at canyouhearmepod@gmail.com.  Don’t forget to follow us on instagram @canyouhearmepod.

Trough Urinals and Emails

The guys spend most of the 20th episode answering listener emails and going off on tangents about trough urinals, ice milk and race relations.  The episode was originally recorded back in June, several weeks before the unfortunate events in Dallas on July 7th.  One of this episode’s topics is how big a change desegregation was for the South and how just two generations removed from those times, the children of today think the idea of segregation sounds ridiculous.  The guys point out that the Nation has come a long way, but there are still obviously problems that still need to be worked through.

But for the most part this episode is like all the others, which means it is full of random thoughts, weird stories and a fair amount of nut kicking.  The Crandyman proposes that a local dirt track may have sent a copperhead strike force to the Monteblanc homestead and offers up another “White Couch” type of story that he heard in his youth.  Our West Texas Rancher shares a game changing idea for the strip club operators of the world and Pretty Little Nurse points out that she has some dating competition in her new West Coast town. Heavy actually offers up some solid dating advice for her.

All of these emails lead the boys down multiple rabbit trails, which isn’t any different than any other episode.  Gustav and Ty recall their summer job working for the school district.  During those summers, Gustav got stuck removing 70 year old trough urinals while Ty pointed out that his crew where taking naps.

old trough urinal

Gustav describes the music that he created and sent to the Below the Belt Podcast and describes it as horrid.  Below the Belt is a Mixed Martial Arts/History podcast that the guys are big fans of.  In the course of talking about Below the Belt, Gustav tells the story of how he was faced with sparring a 12 year old punk in Kendo class and how things escalated.  Hopefully, we will soon be able to get the Below the Belt guys on as guests or vice versa.

As mentioned earlier, the gang talks about how much has changed since our hometown was desegregated in the early sixties.  This leads the guys off on a discussion about post-colonial Africa and the current scramble for resources and influences that the U.S.A. and Europe are in with China.