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Heavy and Gustav are back this week to talk about music you’ve never heard of , self-destructive artists and the sadness that was The Magnolia Electric Co.Jason Molina Songs : Ohia Magnolia Electric Co  Pyramind

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The Female Perspective

The three amigos are back together this week making each other laugh and somehow the female perspective is brought up.   But things start off a little rocky as Gustav has just had to fix Ty’s mic stand which leaves Gus distracted and the normal show introductions are forgotten, so if you are new to the podcast and don’t know who is who by voice:  Ty is the handsome sounding one, Gustav is the one that sounds like a hick and Heavy is the one and only.

Who knew three old men were so infatuated with blankets? But once again we stumble into afghan and blanket talk.  But that doesn’t last long as we dip our toes into the seventies version of Partial Recall’s world and talk about What’s Happening and the sequel What’s Happening Now? for a bit.  The Doobie Brothers episode always stands out.

Gus turns into a grammar hawk as he belittles people for misusing words and the guys share their pet peeves about people misusing words or making new words up (the sense of irony isn’t lost, but we blow right through it.)

In m0re old man news, the guys complain about recent updates to the classic board game of Monopoly.

The Hoyt Axton thread continues as Gus falsely attributes a songwriting credit to Hoyt, but it all works out because he’s wrong and we get a Michael Martin Murphy fun fact.

Ty brings another field report from his Rangers spring training trip, but this time it is about disparity in attractiveness between the male and female in couples he observed.  He wants everyone to keep an eye out for it and send in their own observations.  And that’s when Heavy offers the female perspective.

Then an email from Fake Bailey Jay  brings in more female perspective as she asks about female comedians.  Both Gus and Fake Bailey Jay have discussed this at length in real life and both of them love comedic actress Amy Sedaris, but Fake Bailey Jay knew she was lighting a fuse with this email.

After ranting about female comics, the guys turn their sights on female musicians where talent and attractiveness collide.  The female perspective is  abandoned as eventually the three just turn into grunting cavemen.

bangles eighties band female perspective

Who Knew Gus Would Get So Excited About The Bangles


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Columbia House Record Club

Believe it or not, for the first time in over a month, the full crew is back together to bring you fashion talk, fun facts about syphilis and to learn how Heavy used to game the Columbia House Record Club.

But to start things off there is a lot of confusion about the Neville Brothers, the members of the Jackson Five and the unexplained stardom of a young Jimmy Osmond in Japan.  As things settle down, Gustav recounts his disdain for a poor pan flute player in the Portland Airport.  Then Heavy talks about the Columbia House Record Club and how he may or may not have led to their eventual demise.

columbia house records for a dollar

Why is that Guy in the Background So Happy?

The limits of technology are then pushed as we have Heavy listen live for the first time to a super cool hip musical act. But his response is far less than what we had hoped.  Then Gustav can’t remember a band from the late eighties and Ty and Heavy are absolutely no help.

For inexplicable reasons, the guys return to sock talk which leads to Heavy accusing them of being like a bunch of old women.  Yet he is fine jumping in on fashion talk from our youth as we deal with chains for men, Member’s Only Jackets and OP corduroy shorts.

Long time listener and frequent emailer Cody sends in a harrowing tale of a gargling mix-up. That somehow turns to old time diagnosis talk, the near death of Tell Me Where to Turn‘s Point Break Dave and fun facts about Syphilis.

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Estate Sale Surprise

In one of the most string of consciousness episodes to date, the Can You Hear Me gang deals with listener emails, mattress talk, rodeos, an estate sale surprise and much much more.

Never afraid to show just how old they are the guys head straight into the ditch with eighties country music talk followed up with a charming review of a Red River Valley diner that existed back in the early nineties.  Then if that wasn’t enough to show that they are old men, they spend a segment talking about old quilts and mattresses.

An email from Crandyman Ray Ranfill himself pulls us out of the ditch for a little while until Ty fires off some hot sports opinions about the phenomenon of the father/daughter dance.

Gustav had been saving the tale of an Estate Sale Surprise that he encountered years ago.  But this seemed like as good a time as any.  Find out what he found and why you should make arrangements with a trusted friend to get rid of all of your most depraved sexual possessions.  The poor old women running this estate sale had no idea what this bag full of leather and steel accoutrements where when they picked up and priced each item.  But your friend Gustav knew.

surprise bag of cock rings at an estate sale

Bag of Cock Rings at an Estate Sale

Good dude Tom sent an email asking the guys if they had ever been in any rodeo events and tells us how he survived his own rodeo career.  Because Tom loves Popeye’s Chicken, they guys then spend some time talking about fried chicken and Gustav tells how he’s on a low-to-no carb diet which is unfathomable to Heavy.

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Congratulations to our friend KJ and Clay with Partial Recall on their recent joining of the Blowout Podcast Network.

Cologne and Leg Wrestling

Episode 30 of the Can You Hear Me Podcast finds the team answering emails about musical instruments, men’s cologne, alternate Olympic sports, leg wrestling and delivering a definitive position statement on the ladies lingerie.  We also added futuristic laser sounds to match Ty’s new futuristic Twitter handle.

To start the ball rolling, Fake Bailey Jay emails some frank things directed at Gustav and supports Ty and Heavy in their previous statements about tattoos.  Not to be outdone, longtime hall of fame contributor Cody Allen sends lots of good questions for the crew.  This leads to a discussion about Gustav’s lack of musical talent and then the curtain is pulled back to learn who the handsome devil is that can really play guitar.  Heavy spends an inordinate amount of time telling us about his cologne rituals and preferences.  Cody also asked about alternative Olympic sports which the guys come up with several good ideas rooted in their rural minds, the greatest of which is coed leg wrestling.  Then Gustav makes a stand against the 903 area code status symbol which is the Yeti cooler.

indian leg wresling

Fall Leagues Forming Soon for the North Texas Leg Wrestling Federation

In previous episodes, the topic of women’s lingerie had been alluded to, but postponed.  Gustav brings it back around for a full treatment.  Listen and find out where the other two old men stand on the issue.

It’s  fun episode whether you like the cologne you can buy at Wal-Mart or the expensive stuff at a fancy department store.  Feel free to email us your opinions on Yeti (the cooler or the abominable snowman), lingerie, bullet bras, cologne and anything else you can think of to   Also let us know on Twitter @canyouhearmpod  @realgustav @TYWEBB3000 @longmireheavy

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Snatch and Sniff

In this episode, the guys discuss stripper smells (both the good kind and the bad kind), World Class Championship Wrestling and the Von Erichs, Charlie Rich and the Northern Soul movement in England, and engage in general music snobbery.

Kevin, David and Kerry Von Erich