Pro-Mayonnaise Articles

Once again Clay Ranfield joins Heavy and Gustav to talk about pro-mayonnaise articles and the world we live in.  Ty was off on vacation so Clay sat in with us for a session where three middle aged guys in their forties talk about modern angst.  But before we get to the that we have some fun.  Gustav retells the story of Gustav and the Three Bears  and how the Kids in the Hall warped him forever.

pro-mayonnaise articles

They then discuss David Letterman’s new show, which Letterman was the best and Gustav hopes that Andy Kaufman faked his own death just like he faked everything else.

Aaron asks us if we would commit sepuku.  Kim asks us what we think about the president tweeting.

Gustav revisits the question he asked Professor Brad on a previous episode and wonders why young people are so angry.  Heavy approaches it from a practical standpoint and a thoughtful conversation somehow emerges.

Then Gustav talks about Facebook and how people posting incessant pro-mayonnaise articles has made him hardly even use it anymore.

Let us know who you think faked their own deaths, or why you are so angry or your pro-mayonnaise articles to

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Squirrel Hunting with a Blowgun

Episode 58 finds the boys answering emails, making each other laugh and Heavy asking if we’ve ever been squirrel hunting with a blowgun.  Straight out of the gate, Heavy is offering up million dollar ideas including “Beaver Box”.

Ty is wound up after a trip to Ranger’s spring training and he shares his argument with his younger brother about the safety of un-refrigerated mayonnaise.  This leads to a discussion about whether other condiments need refrigeration including the jellies and jams.  At one point someone says “Fritos and Mayonnaise”, which almost became this episode’s title.

In Episdoe 57, the guys talk about the Canadian TV show Letterkenny.  So you may wonder why Gustav basically repeats himself this week in order to tell a story about a run in with a treasure trail.  It would be nice to say that it was an intentional reset for listeners who may not have been by the channel for Episode 57.  But the truth is that we recorded Ep 57 two weeks after recording Ep 58, but jumped it ahead in order to document Matt’s finding of the “Coke is the Real Thing” commercial.  So that means in two short weeks, Gustav had completely forgotten what they had talked about when they recorded this episode.

They turn to emails and first up is nicest guy in the world Tom with some questions about vacation spots in Texas.  We pretty much let Heavy answer this one and collect a check from the San Antonio Tourism Office.

Next up we have emails from two of the three hosts of the Tell Me Where to Turn podcast.  Tommy offers up a hypothetical and Glen fires off an email aimed at a lot of different people.  Then Gustav goes off on a rant about ATF barrel length regulations and for some reason Heavy asks “Ever gone squirrel hunting with a blowgun?”

hunting a squirrel with a blowgun

Heavy will Soon be Offering Guided Squirrel Blowgun Hunts

And Ty and Gus geek out about Mike Wallace from Sixty Minutes fame.

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