Foreign Listeners

The Can You Hear Me boys are back with a mish mash of mustache talk, a mystery, thoughts on the S-Town podcast, Gustav’s report on foreign listeners and emails from the faithful.

To get things going Gustav reveals a mystery that he has encountered recently.  Heavy and Ty do their best to get to the bottom of problem.

Then they discuss the wildly popular S-Town podcast and how close to home it feels to the 903 area code, where the guys were born and raised.  They also discuss some of the problems that they identified with the podcast.

gene shalit on today show with tom brokaw

Somehow they get onto mustache talk, partly brought on by a recent spell of Gene Shalit jokes.  Gene was the mustachioed film critic for NBC’s Today show for years and not0rious for bad pun

foreign listeners can you hear me

Vintage Japanese Radio Ad promoting Can You Hear Me?

s and sometimes questionable reviews.

Long time listener Fake Bailey Jay has a couple of emails chastising Gustav for possible inaccuracies and omissions.

Touching back on the previous misogynistic discussion about female singers of the seventies and eighties, Gustav brings up one the sisters from Heart and Ty ties it all back to the mountain climber game on the Price is Right.


Gustav has an interesting report on a recent upsurge in foreign listeners of Can You Hear Me.  The new hotbeds for Can You Hear Me downloads outside the U.S. are Japan and Germany.  Heavy has a theory why but Gus just wants to know who these people are and why they listen to the ramblings of educated hillbillies.

They also have a new female listener who sends in a t-shirt idea and is currently trying to make her way through the entire back catalog of episodes.

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Space Diarrhea

Episode 43 finds the Can You Hear Me podcast ready for bedding follow up, listener email, offgrid living and space diarrhea.  Ty couldn’t make it so a special guest sits in the third chair and provides needed emotional support.

Professor Brad’s new book is available for pre-order .  You can get it at Amazon Arredondo: Last Spanish Ruler of Texas and Northeastern New Spain

Gustav recounts his recent trip to the Blowout Podcast Network live event at Chat Room in Fort Worth.  He takes the time to list all of the good dudes and even a few ladies he ran into like Ginsburg, Big Burly Clay, KJ and his landlord, Hunter, Conner, Chef Rob, Josh, NvrNudeTobias, Walling, Austin and his lady, Professor Brad, Fakesportsbot, Conner, and even Jake’s wife.  It was great to get to meet some folks face to face for the first time as well as seeing old friends.

We got feedback on the recent episode about bedding and quilt talk from Valley Butcher and Tellito.  Tellito’s story about his youthful winter sleeping arrangements leads the guys down the path of discussing the Polynesian’s parents journey toward off-grid living in the Rocky Mountains.

space diarrhea is worst diarrhea

Cosmonaut in Space Diarrhea

And finally there is some confusion about the astronaut that drove cross country wearing a diaper as she sought out her rival in a NASA love triangle.  As Jay put it, “this is why this isn’t a news podcast.”  But astronaut diaper talk brought up the specter of space diarrhea, which has to be the worst diarrhea of all.  Heavy is also disturbed by a current commercial on KTCK that discusses what your “number two” looks like.  Gustav had hoped to include the commercial’s most offensive elements, but he couldn’t snag the audio in time for this episode.

You can email us your space diarrhea stories, astronaut love triangle fantasies or any other observations to  And you can find us on twitter: @realgustav @longmireheavy @tywebb3000