Gary Gnu and Family Heirlooms

After so many weeks of jocularity, your three favorite educated hillbillies wander into semi-serious topics as they discuss business owners rights, Gary Gnu, and family heirlooms with a a few detours along the way.

We start this week’s voyage off with Heavy trying to sing once more.  If you like that sort of thing, then you are in luck. If you don’t like it, wait it out because it thankfully only lasts a short while. Inspired by his own singing, he shares with us a tale of him trying to bond with one of his daughters over Michael Jackson music.  That leads to some talk about seventies and eighties kids shows like the Lost Saucer and Wonderbug, which somehow leads to Gus claiming one of the actors in Wonderbug would go on to star as a non-porn role in the infamous New Wave Hookers 2.  (check out his credits on IMDB!)  Then Heavy tells how Mrs. Longmire tried to pronunciation shame him on the pronunciation of “GNU” but he defended the attack by citing the Gary Gnu show from The Great Space Coaster!  Heavy also offers up some New Wave fun facts (the music, not the porno movie) and Gus and Heavy have stories of stupid stuff their kids have said lately.

gary gnu holding family heirloom

Gary Gnu Holding Heavy’s Family Heirloom

Gus then stears the ship into a serious discussion about separating the art from the artist and how society changes their views on a persons creations if that person may fall out of favor due to actions or new facts emerging about their character.  Somehow that leads to a discussion about states rights, the rights of a business owner to refuse service and the legal and moral implications of private citizens excluding customers based on any number of criteria.  Obviously, we needed J.J.’s legal opinion, so hopefully he will correct us via email.

Speaking of email, Tellito sends in a thought provoking email about family heirlooms which leads the guys down memory lane and man is it dusty and dry.

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Charlie’s Angels Chain Gang Episode

The normal Can You Hear Me crew wasn’t able to get together, so Gustav took the opportunity to sit down and record with long time e-mailer and listener Jordan Mercury to talk about life and the Charlie’s Angels chain gang episode.

The scene of an old man sitting across from the embodiment of America’s youth started off with pretty much how you would it expect it to.  Gustav rants about how society has been sold a bill of goods  for “Following your dreams and passions” for your career.  It’s classic Gustav and typical old man rhetoric.

But things take a turn for the weird when JJ and Gustav discuss the generational attitudes toward masturbation.  Gustav looks back at how the Charlie’s Angels episode where they go under cover in a women’s prison s shaped his early childhood development.  And JJ is amazed at how uptight the old people are about discussing the devil’s playground.

bondage chain gang charlie's angels

This Episode of Charlie’s Angels Ruined Gustav Forever

The two then talk about how Ty sounds like Todd Packer from “The Office” played by David Koechner, the weirdness of Davey and Goliath and the varied voice roles of Peter Cullen.

Inspired by previous episodes where we discussed prank talk with Ray Ranfill and an email from Matt, JJ recounts a prank gone wrong and the fallout from being caught back when he and his buddies were in high school.

And to wrap things up, Gustav asks naive questions about the use of the devil’s lettuce.

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