The Art of Dragon Brag – Sirois Industries Doggy Toilet

Once again Sirois Industries leads the way in innovation and trendsetting.  Sirois Industries is an international thought leader in pushing the boundaries of business. The people that brought you Dogahol, now bring you the Doggy Toilet.

Mike Sirois, CEO and founder of Sirois Industries, has given birth to another groundbreaking invention.  After working tirelessly in the Sirois Industries R&D department, Mike is proud to announce the Sirois Industries Doggy Shitter.  And for those smaller four legged friends, the Sirois Industries Puppy Shitter.

mike sirois  dog toilet

The shareholders were excited to hear the announcement on the Dragon Brag episode “The Night of 108 “Call of the Wild”.    When not being a visionary leader at Sirois Industries, Mike is the heir apparent at KTCK where he produces some sports show and co-hosts the shit-hot “Cirque du Sirois” show with his Estonian Triplet Cash.  Mike also graces humanity by being the heart and soul of the Blowout Podcast Network.

Apologize for the Bragging Montage

An unfortunate snakebite derailed our normal schedule, but I wanted to give an update and share a bit of a bragging montage with you as a consolation prize.  We all listen to KTCK “The Ticket” in Dallas and are fans of the bragging montage which is often requested during the Why Today Doesn’t Suck segment featuring BaD Radio and the Hardline.  Listeners email in and request bragging montages featuring Jake, Bob or Corby.  So I had been saving some of these snippets and put our own together.  I have also included a small clip which was part of a much bigger segment that got cut due to the fact we didn’t want our families after us for crossing the line of decorum.

We will be back next week with a full episode so don’t give up on us.

david soul starsky and hutch don't give up on us

Don’t Give Up On Us