Testicular Torsion and a Bear Trap

The partial crew is back with special guest Ray Cranberry to talk testicular torsion, the Unabomber, tree forts and a double bear trap Gustav stepped into.

Ty is still absent without leave but we are lucky (or unlucky depending on your perspective) to have Ray sit in once again.¬† Concern about the intelligence community’s overreach and invasion of the privacy of the citizens leads to a discussion about mail box bombings, the Unabomber and the federal penitentiary known as Supermax in Florence, CO.

Gustav then tries to set the record straight on Ray Ranfill, KJ falling off a balcony and an unfortunately timed Christopher Reeves reference  while the shitbutt podcast family was enjoying some tasty barbecue.

Then the boys turn to a discussion about the gigantic Half Priced Books sale which happens each year and how Ty was trying to corner the market on Time Life Books.

An email from one of our esteemed West Texas listeners leads us down a rabbit hole of testicular torsion, ultrasound stories, the most believable unbelievable surprise sex story, and ultimately Gustav stepping into not one but two bear traps in rapid succession.

twisted up swing

Can You Hear Me’s Understanding of Testicular Torsion

All of this testicle talk leads Gustav to discuss his history of kidney stones, including his most recent stone which has been mentioned a few times over the last year in previous episodes.

Good dude Matt sends an email about the lost art of building forts and treehouses as well as detailing some of his youthful pranks, including the “invisible rope” trick, which no one on the crew had ever heard of.

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