Heavy Solves the JFK Assassination

It’s not every episode that Heavy solves the JFK Assassination.  But this is the one.  Throw out the Warren Commission report, ignore the Oliver Stone JFK movie and settle in for Heavy setting the record straight.jfk assassination lee harvey oswald

Once again, Megan from Megan’s Movie Podcast joins the boys to join in the fun.  After the initial tale of a trip to Dick’s Last Resort, Heavy takes control and leads the team into JFK talk.  The recent release of formerly classified files piqued his interest.  Both Heavy and Megan add family stories from the day of the  JFK assassination.

The gang also dips their toe into some Vietnam talk and discusses some of Megan’s dad’s experiences while serving and some of the problems of the VA hospital system.

Be sure to check out Megan’s Movie Podcast episode with guest host Ty where they talk about the Breakfast Club.

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Bigfoot, JFK and the Moon Landing – Episode 8

On this week’s episode, listener emails from the Fake Bailey Jay and Cody prompt the Can You Hear Me crew to face the mysteries of conspiracy theories.  The boys tackle the ideas of the Bermuda Triangle, Bigfoot, UFO’s, the JFK assassination, and whether or not NASA faked the moon landing.  Cody also asks the question which Korea is the better Korea: North Korea or South Korea.   And the guys count up how many bones they’ve broken.  All this and more in Episode 8 of the Can You Hear Me? Podcast.

Six Million Dollar Man and Bigfoot

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