The Best of 2016

After exhaustive listener polling, we have come up with the best of 2016 for the Can You Hear Me podcast.  Join Gustav as he guides you through some favorite moments of 2016. Plus stick around for a bonus montage.

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Thanks for listening to us and making us part of your weird extended family.  If you didn’t listen to us, we would be just talking to one another anyway (like those weird cousins of yours from Arkansas).

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Bare Asses, Birthing Pangs, and Contamination

On this week’s episode of the Can You Hear Me? Podcast, the gang travels down the path of awkward things you run into during day to day life.  We dive straight in and things get weird and funny.

Gustav shares stories about some odd things he has observed while traveling for business including people that forget to close their blinds across the courtyard of the hotel and some of the freaky hijinx that people get into in the hot tub.

awkward stretches to do with a partner

Then Ty tells us about the weird behaviors at his hole in the wall gym he belongs to.  Heavy and Gustav are amazed as Ty recounts thinking that he saw a woman walking around the gym wearing only a shirt with no pants.

partner stretch

Ty then tells how his overly polite nature led to an awkward stretching situation which may have scarred him for life.  True to type, Heavy and Gustav offer little sympathy, but a lot of unhelpful one liners.  Listen to Ty’s stretching story and let us know how you would have handled the situation.  Would you have stayed or would you have gone?

wash your damn hands

In the final tale of the worst gym in the world, Ty describes a hygiene problem that he has observed with regard to a fellow gym member.  Heavy and Gustav are full of helpful ideas on how to deal with the situation.  But in the end Ty  is back to square one and left living in fear of all the contaminated gym equipment.

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