Gene Shalit is Alive and Well

After several months, Ty returns to discuss Gene Shalit, old high school yearbooks and other nonsense.  Heavy is off trying to find a good crappie spot, so Ty and Gustav have to record without him.


Being men of a certain age, they discuss hair cuts, rogue hairs and eyebrow trimming before they retell the story of Heavy at the family night and his campaign to be the mayor of the 903 area code.

Ty recently got four copies of his mom’s high school yearbooks so they talk about Father Monteblanc who is featured prominently and how different the high school kids of early seventies and late sixties looked compared to subsequent generations.

Speaking of high school, Gustav retells the story of his poor French teacher and how after almost 30 years, she is still haunted by the memories of teaching Gustav to ecoute et repute.

They discuss the decline of family reunions and how Megan’s family reunion t-shirt caused awkwardness.  Then Ty relates how Megan’s dad is pissed at him for an ice cream recommendation.

Speaking of Megan’s Movie Podcast the boys turn to film and film critics.  Gustav talks about Bobby Wygant and Siskel and Ebert, and then they wonder if Gene Shalit is Alive and Well.   On air fact checking confirms he is, at least at the time of the recording.

gene shalit film critic

It’s either Gene Shalit or the Wizard of Oz

They then discuss Peter Bogdonovich, Ben Johnson and the Last Picture Show as well as Russ Meyer movies, Mexican Charlton Heston in Touch of Evil, Marilyn Chambers as the Ivory Snow girl and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.


It’s a fast paced stream of conscience episode so buckle up.


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Foreign Listeners

The Can You Hear Me boys are back with a mish mash of mustache talk, a mystery, thoughts on the S-Town podcast, Gustav’s report on foreign listeners and emails from the faithful.

To get things going Gustav reveals a mystery that he has encountered recently.  Heavy and Ty do their best to get to the bottom of problem.

Then they discuss the wildly popular S-Town podcast and how close to home it feels to the 903 area code, where the guys were born and raised.  They also discuss some of the problems that they identified with the podcast.

gene shalit on today show with tom brokaw

Somehow they get onto mustache talk, partly brought on by a recent spell of Gene Shalit jokes.  Gene was the mustachioed film critic for NBC’s Today show for years and not0rious for bad pun

foreign listeners can you hear me

Vintage Japanese Radio Ad promoting Can You Hear Me?

s and sometimes questionable reviews.

Long time listener Fake Bailey Jay has a couple of emails chastising Gustav for possible inaccuracies and omissions.

Touching back on the previous misogynistic discussion about female singers of the seventies and eighties, Gustav brings up one the sisters from Heart and Ty ties it all back to the mountain climber game on the Price is Right.


Gustav has an interesting report on a recent upsurge in foreign listeners of Can You Hear Me.  The new hotbeds for Can You Hear Me downloads outside the U.S. are Japan and Germany.  Heavy has a theory why but Gus just wants to know who these people are and why they listen to the ramblings of educated hillbillies.

They also have a new female listener who sends in a t-shirt idea and is currently trying to make her way through the entire back catalog of episodes.

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