The Black Falconer – Part One

The Can You Hear Me? Podcast is proud to welcome special guest K.J. to the show this week to talk vermin, chores and his new project The Black Falconer.  Ty and Gus had so much fun with K.J. that we will be splitting up the recording session into two episodes.

K.J. is the young rising star of the Blowout Podcast Network.  Originally, K.J. started the Partial Recall podcast with good dude Clay, which led to the Blowout Podcast Network recruiting them.  Since then, K.J. has started both “Fuck the Walking Dead” and “The Optomist Club” podcasts with locally and regionally famous Mike “Machine” Marshall.  We have been trying to record with K.J. (and Clay) for almost a year and finally we were able to get together.

Not afraid to tackle hard hitting issues, Ty starts out with the important question of “What is the most racist cheese?”  It’s a discussion you just won’t want to miss.

J.J. sent a question in about his fabulous dance moves at the Blowout One Million Download Celebration.  Gus recalls J.J.’s grooving that evening as well as the previous episode where he interviewed J.J.


Watch K.J. this fall on CBS as The Black Falconer

Ty recounts a recent event where his and Heavy’s dads were blowing up beaver damns.  That leads K.J. to pick the guys’ brains about dealing with vermin.  Lot’s of possum talk which we know you will love.  Listen to find out how K.J. may become the Black Falconer and move on to Hollywood fame.

Ty and Gustav can’t go an episode without talking about Brad in some fashion.  This week is no different as Gustav rants about Brad’s over use of the fifty cent word “insalubrious” in Brad’s new book.  It’s a great book, but come on, he used that word three times in one chapter.

With K.J. and his landlord looking for a house, K.J. asks some home improvement questions which somehow leads to talk about chicken menstruation and the roughness of roosters mounting chickens.

It’s  a fun episode so be sure to listen to part two next week.  Check out K.J. and Clay’s weekly podcast Partial Recall.

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Nightcaps, Porky’s and Outdoor Magazines

All three of the crew are back for this week’s NSFW conversation that covers old-timey nightcaps, the 80’s classic Porky’s and Gustav’s questionable taste in outdoor magazines.

The boys start off with a little post Christmas clean up talk but soon wander into the story of how Mrs. Gustav did something to lead Gustav into being, as he put it, “not opposed to nightcaps.”  This leads then to a discussion about current eighties movies on Netflix, Ty’s love of Vision Quest starring Matthew Modine and Linda Fiorentino, and The Man with One Red Shoe, starring Tom Hanks and the greatness of Dabney Coleman.

Gustav then pulls out a copy of one of his favorite outdoors magazines and shares this issues’s table of contents, many of which with questionable interest to anyone other than Gustav and Heavy.  Heavy and Gus then discuss other magazines related to self-sufficiency, homesteading and general 903 interests.

Then attention turns to George DiGionni’s nut kicking display and Gustav recounts the Polynesian’s dad being in a nut kicking contest back in the late sixties.  Ty then recalls his odd drive-thru experience and may have just coined the term “frotterist” This leads to frottage, scissoring and tribbing talk with some odd hand gestures that the listener will just have to figure out for themselves.

If you like stories about the stuff Gustav’s kids say, you are in luck because he has two incidents for you this week.  Heavy has some questionable recollections about Old Testamant scripture and later denies any knowledge of the “popcorn trick”.

porky's eighties movie kim cattrall

Eighties Kids Remember the Hotness of Kim Cattrall in Porky’s

They circle back to eighties movies with a discussion about Porky’s, the hotness of Kim Cattrall and how Porky’s 2 helped Ty in a tough time.  To finish off, they respond to an email from one of Gustav’s former work wives.

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