Dirt Track

Join the guys for a special guest , a field report from the dirt track and much much more.  Since Ty is too busy with “paperwork”,  long time friend of the show Ray Ranfill was kind enough to join us.

Straight out of the gate, Gustav takes a stand against Grandy’s and recalls a special moment that he and Heavy shared many moons ago at a 903 area code Grandy’s. Then Gustav tries to establish some street cred with a story about how he frequents a  local taqueria.   And while he’s all hopped up on food talk, he rails against mixing corn into other dishes.

dirt track

Matt’s fist full of cash he won at the dirt track

But the real focus of the show is the tale of Gus and Jay going to the Grayson County Speedway with Matt and St. Ginsburg.  Gustav was busy taking notes and asking long time racing enthusiast Jay questi0ns.  It was a fun night and Matt even won money!  But going back to food, Gus offers hot sports opinions about “the walking taco”

Once again Gus brainstorms about a Greyhound bus trip and dreams of the possibilities for the show.  It will probably never happen, but if it does, then you will hear all about it.  Then Gus drifts into talk about FarmAid 92 and how he hopes to do an entire Farm Aid episode some time in the future.

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Also be sure to check out Ty’s guest appearance on Megan’s Movie Podcast where they discuss The Breakfast Club.  Who knows how much longer till Ty and Megan start their own Captain and Tenille cover band.




Forklifts and Eighties Radio Stations

It’s a free form ramble this week as the Can You Hear Me boys talk about everything from forklifts to Eighties radio stations in the DFW area.  Gustav gets the ball rolling by telling how his dad has no problem with the idea of driving a forklift along a busy highway in the 903 wilderness for multiple miles.

Radio is a recurring theme in this week’s episode.  The guys fondly look back at the rural radio phenomenon of the call in Swap Shop program.  Whether they call it Tradio, Swap Shop or Trading Post, the basic format is the same.  The DJ takes calls from people either looking to sell something or looking to buy something.  Swap Shop talk leads to dumpster diving talk and Gustav talks about his experience a a dumpster diver and some of the junk that he found.

The team responds to emails from the Fake Bailey Jay and the Crandyman.  Somehow the conversation turns to Gustav describing his college career and how he abandoned any hope of getting a Chemistry minor.

KTXQ Q102 in Dallas Texas

Eighties Album Rock at It’s Best

Music has always played a big part in Can You Hear Me hosts lives.  They take a walk down memory lane and look back at the Eighties Radio Stations in the Dallas area that they listened to heavily.  KZEW listening led to Q102 or KEGL The Eagle listening with a detour to Z-Rock towards the end.  The guys realize that life is going to be totally different musically for their children.


KZEW Was The Departure Point

All of this album rock talk leads the guys to talk about the Texas Jam.  The Texas Jam was a day long concert held at the Cotton Bowl during the summer from 1978 to the mid-Eighties.  Bands like Van Halen, Aerosmith and ZZ Top were some of the heavy hitters that people braved searing Texas Heat to see.  Unfortunately, the guys were just a bit too young to ever make it to the Texas Jam.  Heavy and Gustav however did make it to Farm Aid 92.  They talk briefly about the giant concert held at Texas Stadium, but Gustav promises that they will do a much more detailed retelling of the Farm Aid experience on a future episode.

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