Space Diarrhea

Episode 43 finds the Can You Hear Me podcast ready for bedding follow up, listener email, offgrid living and space diarrhea.  Ty couldn’t make it so a special guest sits in the third chair and provides needed emotional support.

Professor Brad’s new book is available for pre-order .  You can get it at Amazon Arredondo: Last Spanish Ruler of Texas and Northeastern New Spain

Gustav recounts his recent trip to the Blowout Podcast Network live event at Chat Room in Fort Worth.  He takes the time to list all of the good dudes and even a few ladies he ran into like Ginsburg, Big Burly Clay, KJ and his landlord, Hunter, Conner, Chef Rob, Josh, NvrNudeTobias, Walling, Austin and his lady, Professor Brad, Fakesportsbot, Conner, and even Jake’s wife.  It was great to get to meet some folks face to face for the first time as well as seeing old friends.

We got feedback on the recent episode about bedding and quilt talk from Valley Butcher and Tellito.  Tellito’s story about his youthful winter sleeping arrangements leads the guys down the path of discussing the Polynesian’s parents journey toward off-grid living in the Rocky Mountains.

space diarrhea is worst diarrhea

Cosmonaut in Space Diarrhea

And finally there is some confusion about the astronaut that drove cross country wearing a diaper as she sought out her rival in a NASA love triangle.  As Jay put it, “this is why this isn’t a news podcast.”  But astronaut diaper talk brought up the specter of space diarrhea, which has to be the worst diarrhea of all.  Heavy is also disturbed by a current commercial on KTCK that discusses what your “number two” looks like.  Gustav had hoped to include the commercial’s most offensive elements, but he couldn’t snag the audio in time for this episode.

You can email us your space diarrhea stories, astronaut love triangle fantasies or any other observations to  And you can find us on twitter: @realgustav @longmireheavy @tywebb3000

Mourning Gene Wilder, Baloney, and a MacBeth Joke

The boys are back in Episode 33 to mourn Gene Wilder, answer listener emails,  talk about baloney and deal with a very unfortunate MacBeth joke.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

This week finds the crew in good spirits, even though Heavy tries to sink the thing with a bad Ronnie Milsap joke straight out of the chute.  A tweet from long time listener/field correspondent causes Gustav to wax poetic about Hunter S. Thompson’s lawyer in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.  This leads to a discussion about the author and some of his works.

Gustav then shares how the loss of Gene Wilder really affected Mrs. Gustav.  The boys are all fans of Wilder’s work, so they spend a few minutes recounting some of his legacy and their fondness of him.

Then they tackle listener emails.  Gustav must rephrase his way through a mine field of loaded words while reading the sordid tale sent to us by one of our listeners working on an advanced degree.  Said listener almost redeems himself with a wonderful MacBeth joke, but the guys are too far gone into old man mode and they spend the next few minutes warning him of all the things that soap and water can’t wash off.

gene wilder as willy wonka

Next up, an email from crowd favorite yet Machine hated Crandyman asks the boys about baloney (or bologna for you high society folks with all your fancy talking).  It may surprise you that Heavy has some very specific thoughts and beliefs regarding this round mystery meat.

They then wrap it up with a couple of emails from lady listeners.  One gal is curious about who it’s okay to think about during your special alone time .  The other wants to know how to figure out if your friends are something more than boring vanilla types and how to let your partner know you are down for some more advanced activities (nudge nudge, wink wink).  Surprisingly, they guys somehow give some fairly mature advice.

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