Touch of Evil

Ty and Gustav are back for an episode where they answer listener emails and talk about old movies like Rear Window and Touch of Evil.  Sorry to sadden anyone, but once again, this is an episode without the one and only Heavy Longmire.  Maybe in the future, he will return to the fold.

Gus gets the ball rolling with a story of premature aging and discusses how people approach him for help in stores.  The guys then talk about Heavy’s propensity to close talk and discuss a recent report about an unbelievably high number of heterosexual men reporting to have cuddled other men in a non-sexual way.

Gus reads a couple of emails from Pretty Ranch Wife as she works through the back catalog of listeners.  She addresses recent roadkill adventures out in West Texas which leads Gus to tell the story of a classmate’s run in with a buzzard back in the eighties and how it ruined the dress of the kid’s mom.

Once again Ty lobbies for an appearance on Megan’s Movie Podcast.  In lieu of a appearance on a far more successful podcast, Ty and Gus head down the film path and discuss gay characters in Westerns like Tombstone and There Was a Crooked Man.  That somehow leads them to Charles Nelson Reilly (once again).  They then talk about how much they love Alfred Hitchcock movies like Rope, Rear Window, Vertigo, and The Trouble with Harry.  Not surprisingly, Ty discusses Grace Kelly and Gus has some thin shaming comments to make.

film noir classic Touch of Evil

Orson Wells and Charlton Heston in Touch of Evil

Ultimately they turn to the subject of remakes which they have mixed feelings about and that leads to a brief discussion of film noir and they both geek out about the classic Orson Wells film “Touch of Evil”

So send us your emails about film noir, roadkill, Chuck Berry  or which tv shows you wish Charles Nelson Reilly had been a guest star on to

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Homecoming, Cab Grief and New Boots

The guys are back in Episode 31 of the Can You Hear Me podcast with tales of a cab ride gone wrong from the start, a high school homecoming game and new boots.  Plus, as usual, there is plenty of non-sequitur nonsense and general tomfoolery.

Gustav recounts the recent proselytizing that he and Ty have been busy with in order to promote the podcast.  Their trip to Fight Night and the post fight festivities lead Ty leaving his truck in Dallas and Gustav driving him home.  But up until this episode, Ty had not told the group his very frustrating morning dealing with a cab driver who could use some customer service coaching.

Next it’s on to Gustav’s tale of his recent trip to a high school homecoming football game (the first he had been to in over 20 years).  He has several tales of awkwardness and unfortunate sights.  But he also has visions of greatness as patriotism was in full force.american flag shirt


Then the boys turn to new boot talk.  No one likes to try on new boots (unless you happen to be Ty trying on ten thousand dollar custom boots).  But Gustav was faced with boot shopping after his wife and daughter bought him a new pair of boots which didn’t fit correctly.

Don’t forget to check out the Weird Al Yankovick’s homage to Charles Nelson Reilly that we mentioned in this episode.

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