A Very Heavy Christmas

While Ty is still away on sabbatical, Ray Ranfill joins Heavy and Gustav for a very special Christmas episode.

Stealing a page from the Partial Recall playbook, Heavy tries to pass off a fake sponsor.  He’s feeling creative this episode, therefore if you are a fan of Heavy’s style, then you won’t be disappointed.  His fake sponsor Bill Bailey’s Bowel busters leads to chamber pot and outhouse talk followed up by a most unfortunate tale about the improper use of a trough urinal at the Devil’s Bowl Speedway.

very heavy christmas

He’s been working on this story while out trapping

Gustav files a field report about a tiny town’s Christmas parade that he went to earlier in the day.  That gets the guys thinking about the parades of old in small 903 towns.  Then it’s finally time for the moment that Heavy had been waiting for.  He shares with the listeners his newest Christmas magnum opus, A Very Heavy Christmas.  We’re not sure if it’s classified as a poem or a story, but either way, we think you will enjoy it.  It’s full of Can You Hear Me goodness and he’s quiet proud of himself.

After the Christmas prose, Gustav enlightens the group on the online phenomenon of teabagging someone in a game and how he had to educate his boys about what teabagging really means.

Heavy and Gustav then turn their sights on special guest Ray Ranfill and callback to a previous episode where he had written in and made reference to the “True Love Waits” movement which came along a few years after the guys were out of high school.

The rest of the episode is a scattershooting mess with high stakes backgammon talk, the effect of Native American casinos on the baby boomers of the 903 area code, Gustav well actuallying Ray about oxygen tanks and fire, more goofy stuff Gustav’s kids say and finally some more Christmas decorations talk.

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