Short Version of David Koresh

Once again Ty and Gustav are without Heavy, so they discuss raising kids, answer emails and how one of them looked like David Koresh in 1993.  We apologize for Heavy’s absence, but just imagine how joyful his homecoming will be!

Being parents, Ty and Gus find themselves having to deal with other parents.  Gus asks what do you do if you like the fellow parent, but don’t like their kid. That leads to a discussion about the over-videoing parents today, which prompts Barbershop talk once again which somehow leads to the subject of Green Stamps, which everyone collected and redeemed back in the 60’s and 70’s.

The guys return to the earlier topic of college jobs and Ty remembers how he worked laying water pipe (not a euphemism) one summer with our high school chemistry teacher.

An email from good dude and long time listener Valley Butcher brings about David Koresh and Branch Davidian talk.  Naturally what starts off as a serious discussion about a tragedy of is subverted by a side story about a gravy drinking contest and how one of them looked like a short version of David Koresh during the stand-off.

david koresh in court with mini-14

Can we prove that Gustav isn’t really David Koresh????

Gustav climbs on his libertarian soapbox for a bit to talk about the Davidians, the MOVE debacle in Philadelphia, and the Ruby Ridge fiasco.  But that only lasts for a short bit before Ty distracts him with hot dog talk.

They regain focus and talk about other historic moments in their youth like the Challenger, the U.S. Marine base bombing in Beirut and the O.J. Simpson chase.

Friend of the show Conner sends a thought provoking email about the future of masculinity, which brings them back on track and they circle back to the raising of kids and the seeming devaluation of masculinity in our society at the moment.

So send us your emails about  raising kids, what you can put on a hot dog or any cult leaders you used to look like to

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