Does Rambo III Count?

Heavy and Gustav are joined by special guest Ray Ranfill to discuss smuggling, eighties tv shows and Rambo III.  As you well know, Ray Ranfill is a long time friend of the show and frequent emailer who we have been lucky enough to have join us once again.

To start the episode, Heavy discusses a news story about liquid meth and Gus reads a story from Arizona about a cache of plastic explosives that someone accidentally dug up.

Twitter questions lead us into a discussion about Jan Smithers, Erin Gray or someone else and then that leads Gustav to a shocking confession (alright not that shocking) about Mrs. Garrett from Diff’rent Strokes and Facts of Life fame.  Heavy then upsets Gustav concerning a guest star on Facts of Life.

rambo III afghanistan

Attention turns to war movies and the boys rattle off a bunch of good ones.  Heavy wanted the movies listed, so here you go:


Tora! Tora! Tora!


A Bridge Too Far

The Longest Day

Cross of Iron

Saving Private Ryan

Bridge Over River Kwai

Apocalypse Now Redux

The Deer Hunter

Full Metal Jacket


Rambo 3

We Were Soldiers

Hurt Locker

Lone Survivor

Blackhawk Down

BAT 21

First Blood

Hamburger Hill

Rambo: First Blood Part 2

Rambo III

Red Dawn


Then Gustav geeks out and explains comic book movies and the general comic book universes to a questioning Heavy.  Howard the Duck gets mentioned again and Gustav continues to ponder the awesomeness of Rambo III and it’s final battle.

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