Estate Sale Surprise

In one of the most string of consciousness episodes to date, the Can You Hear Me gang deals with listener emails, mattress talk, rodeos, an estate sale surprise and much much more.

Never afraid to show just how old they are the guys head straight into the ditch with eighties country music talk followed up with a charming review of a Red River Valley diner that existed back in the early nineties.  Then if that wasn’t enough to show that they are old men, they spend a segment talking about old quilts and mattresses.

An email from Crandyman Ray Ranfill himself pulls us out of the ditch for a little while until Ty fires off some hot sports opinions about the phenomenon of the father/daughter dance.

Gustav had been saving the tale of an Estate Sale Surprise that he encountered years ago.  But this seemed like as good a time as any.  Find out what he found and why you should make arrangements with a trusted friend to get rid of all of your most depraved sexual possessions.  The poor old women running this estate sale had no idea what this bag full of leather and steel accoutrements where when they picked up and priced each item.  But your friend Gustav knew.

surprise bag of cock rings at an estate sale

Bag of Cock Rings at an Estate Sale

Good dude Tom sent an email asking the guys if they had ever been in any rodeo events and tells us how he survived his own rodeo career.  Because Tom loves Popeye’s Chicken, they guys then spend some time talking about fried chicken and Gustav tells how he’s on a low-to-no carb diet which is unfathomable to Heavy.

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