Columbia House Record Club

Believe it or not, for the first time in over a month, the full crew is back together to bring you fashion talk, fun facts about syphilis and to learn how Heavy used to game the Columbia House Record Club.

But to start things off there is a lot of confusion about the Neville Brothers, the members of the Jackson Five and the unexplained stardom of a young Jimmy Osmond in Japan.  As things settle down, Gustav recounts his disdain for a poor pan flute player in the Portland Airport.  Then Heavy talks about the Columbia House Record Club and how he may or may not have led to their eventual demise.

columbia house records for a dollar

Why is that Guy in the Background So Happy?

The limits of technology are then pushed as we have Heavy listen live for the first time to a super cool hip musical act. But his response is far less than what we had hoped.  Then Gustav can’t remember a band from the late eighties and Ty and Heavy are absolutely no help.

For inexplicable reasons, the guys return to sock talk which leads to Heavy accusing them of being like a bunch of old women.  Yet he is fine jumping in on fashion talk from our youth as we deal with chains for men, Member’s Only Jackets and OP corduroy shorts.

Long time listener and frequent emailer Cody sends in a harrowing tale of a gargling mix-up. That somehow turns to old time diagnosis talk, the near death of Tell Me Where to Turn‘s Point Break Dave and fun facts about Syphilis.

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