Cologne and Leg Wrestling

Episode 30 of the Can You Hear Me Podcast finds the team answering emails about musical instruments, men’s cologne, alternate Olympic sports, leg wrestling and delivering a definitive position statement on the ladies lingerie.  We also added futuristic laser sounds to match Ty’s new futuristic Twitter handle.

To start the ball rolling, Fake Bailey Jay emails some frank things directed at Gustav and supports Ty and Heavy in their previous statements about tattoos.  Not to be outdone, longtime hall of fame contributor Cody Allen sends lots of good questions for the crew.  This leads to a discussion about Gustav’s lack of musical talent and then the curtain is pulled back to learn who the handsome devil is that can really play guitar.  Heavy spends an inordinate amount of time telling us about his cologne rituals and preferences.  Cody also asked about alternative Olympic sports which the guys come up with several good ideas rooted in their rural minds, the greatest of which is coed leg wrestling.  Then Gustav makes a stand against the 903 area code status symbol which is the Yeti cooler.

indian leg wresling

Fall Leagues Forming Soon for the North Texas Leg Wrestling Federation

In previous episodes, the topic of women’s lingerie had been alluded to, but postponed.  Gustav brings it back around for a full treatment.  Listen and find out where the other two old men stand on the issue.

It’s  fun episode whether you like the cologne you can buy at Wal-Mart or the expensive stuff at a fancy department store.  Feel free to email us your opinions on Yeti (the cooler or the abominable snowman), lingerie, bullet bras, cologne and anything else you can think of to   Also let us know on Twitter @canyouhearmpod  @realgustav @TYWEBB3000 @longmireheavy

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