Heavy’s Flag Code

The guys are back this week with Heavy’s new flag code, problems with Whataburger and a special treat from Ray Ranfill.  To make up for last week’s short episode we bring you the listener over one hour of quality product.

Right out of the chute, the guys tackle electricity and belts.  Riveting stuff right?  Then Gustav talks a bit more about Letterkenny, the Canadian comedy series that is now the guy’s current favorite show (update: Ty is all caught up).  It would be great if Letterkenny was available in the U.S. but it’s not at this time so you are just going to have “figure it out”.


Then Heavy gets all patriotic and digs into the Flag Code.  That leads  Ty and Gus to prove they are partly wrong most of the time.

heavy's flag code

How Heavy Respects Our Flag

Then we address a follow up email from our previous episode Partial Rewall.  Ray Ranfill is a poet and Ty gives life to his wonderful verses.

After such a glorious j.o. fest of in-jokes and 80’s NCAA basketball references, Ty gets all old man and channels his rage against Whataburger after he’s had two negative experiences in 24 hours.  Plus Heavy reveals a shocking Whataburger confession.

Somehow Ty realizes that Heavy looks like singer/songwriter/actor Hoyt Axton and that derails the show for a while.

hoyt axton boney fingers

Heavy’s Look Alike

Since they are derailed, Ty and Gus spend some time fondly thinking about the WKRP Softball episode.


Bailey and Jennifer

Gustav tells how listener Matt found the lost Coke movie commercial in a shockingly small amount of time. Coke is the Real Thing once again.

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Juicin’ Hard

This week is a short episode due to some technical issues, but there is plenty of fun as the guys talk old movie theaters, juicin’ hard and other nonsense.

To get the ball rolling we engage in more talk about Heavy’s dad and his habits which transitions into a discussion about watching habits and how they have changed over the years.  Heavy tells us about how he watched the classic Paul Newman Jackie Gleason film “The Hustler” on Netflix (not to be confused by the landmark skin mag published by Larry Flynt).

Ty and Gustav notice Heavy is looking thinner so he shares his new philosophy of “Juicin’ Hard”.  This may catch on globally so you heard it here first.

fruits and vegetables to juice

Be like Heavy and Juice Hard

Once again the boys talk about their childhood movie theater and how magically decrepit it was.  Then they plead with the audience for help to find the lost Coca Cola movie theater advertisement about “Traveling down a dusty road, going to meet a friend.  Down at the movies, that’s where it all begins.”  No one can find it and hardly anyone remembers it except your favorite educated hillbillies.

Heavy comes up with new business ideas which short of winning the lottery will be total failures. Ty talks about time traveling Beatles and Gus discusses a Stephen Still lost demo tape that was found and released as “Roll Tape”.   Somehow that brings about fond memories of the Freedom Rock commercial back in the eighties and nineties.

Gus offers a reward for the missing Coke commercial, but he will not honor Ty and Heavy’s additional offers of a reward with his money.

Sorry it’s a short episode, but sometimes things get messed up when you have free labor.

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Columbia House Record Club

Believe it or not, for the first time in over a month, the full crew is back together to bring you fashion talk, fun facts about syphilis and to learn how Heavy used to game the Columbia House Record Club.

But to start things off there is a lot of confusion about the Neville Brothers, the members of the Jackson Five and the unexplained stardom of a young Jimmy Osmond in Japan.  As things settle down, Gustav recounts his disdain for a poor pan flute player in the Portland Airport.  Then Heavy talks about the Columbia House Record Club and how he may or may not have led to their eventual demise.

columbia house records for a dollar

Why is that Guy in the Background So Happy?

The limits of technology are then pushed as we have Heavy listen live for the first time to a super cool hip musical act. But his response is far less than what we had hoped.  Then Gustav can’t remember a band from the late eighties and Ty and Heavy are absolutely no help.

For inexplicable reasons, the guys return to sock talk which leads to Heavy accusing them of being like a bunch of old women.  Yet he is fine jumping in on fashion talk from our youth as we deal with chains for men, Member’s Only Jackets and OP corduroy shorts.

Long time listener and frequent emailer Cody sends in a harrowing tale of a gargling mix-up. That somehow turns to old time diagnosis talk, the near death of Tell Me Where to Turn‘s Point Break Dave and fun facts about Syphilis.

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Cologne and Leg Wrestling

Episode 30 of the Can You Hear Me Podcast finds the team answering emails about musical instruments, men’s cologne, alternate Olympic sports, leg wrestling and delivering a definitive position statement on the ladies lingerie.  We also added futuristic laser sounds to match Ty’s new futuristic Twitter handle.

To start the ball rolling, Fake Bailey Jay emails some frank things directed at Gustav and supports Ty and Heavy in their previous statements about tattoos.  Not to be outdone, longtime hall of fame contributor Cody Allen sends lots of good questions for the crew.  This leads to a discussion about Gustav’s lack of musical talent and then the curtain is pulled back to learn who the handsome devil is that can really play guitar.  Heavy spends an inordinate amount of time telling us about his cologne rituals and preferences.  Cody also asked about alternative Olympic sports which the guys come up with several good ideas rooted in their rural minds, the greatest of which is coed leg wrestling.  Then Gustav makes a stand against the 903 area code status symbol which is the Yeti cooler.

indian leg wresling

Fall Leagues Forming Soon for the North Texas Leg Wrestling Federation

In previous episodes, the topic of women’s lingerie had been alluded to, but postponed.  Gustav brings it back around for a full treatment.  Listen and find out where the other two old men stand on the issue.

It’s  fun episode whether you like the cologne you can buy at Wal-Mart or the expensive stuff at a fancy department store.  Feel free to email us your opinions on Yeti (the cooler or the abominable snowman), lingerie, bullet bras, cologne and anything else you can think of to  canyouhearmepod@gmail.com.   Also let us know on Twitter @canyouhearmpod  @realgustav @TYWEBB3000 @longmireheavy

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Merle, Burials, and Boxer Briefs

The Can You Hear Me? crew finally addresses the loss of the late great Merle Haggard on this week’s episode.  They’ve been talking to one another off air about how much Merle meant to them in their personal musical pantheons, but they finally bring it out to the public.

merle haggard sixties

Merle Before the Beard Was One Cool Looking Dude

But, as you know by now, they can’t stay on topic and in short order, Gustav yanks the wheel hard to the right and they go careening into the bar ditch for their normal bumpy ride.  The first thing to derail Gustav is the professional connection between Merle Haggard and Clint Eastwood in the late seventies/early eighties.  Instantly, it’s no longer about Merle Haggard, but instead turns into: an dust up over spaghetti westerns, harsh opinions about Sandra Locke (Clint’s girlfriend during that era), and the iconic status of Johnny Cash, both in his heyday and in the final years of his life.

The day before this episode was recorded, Heavy and Gustav had gone back to their hometown which is somewhere in the 903 area code.    They attended a funeral for a long time family friend who had been in bad health for many years.  As they stood at the graveside on a hot June afternoon, they both were contemplating the phenomena of the rural funeral.   A heated discussion ensues which devolves into doctrinal differences between Methodists and Baptists, Gustav’s tale of dueling preachers at his great-grandmothers funeral and the wonderful book Salvation on Sand Mountain, which details a snake handling congregation in Appalachia.

After such serious topics as funerals and theology, the guys lighten up with some banter about our fathers with smart phones, Heavy’s new underwear and Gustav and Ty stockpiling socks. The guys also give a big shout out to their fellow podcasters at Partial Recall who fondly look back at the nineties and aughts.   Take a moment to check them out.


Forklifts and Eighties Radio Stations

It’s a free form ramble this week as the Can You Hear Me boys talk about everything from forklifts to Eighties radio stations in the DFW area.  Gustav gets the ball rolling by telling how his dad has no problem with the idea of driving a forklift along a busy highway in the 903 wilderness for multiple miles.

Radio is a recurring theme in this week’s episode.  The guys fondly look back at the rural radio phenomenon of the call in Swap Shop program.  Whether they call it Tradio, Swap Shop or Trading Post, the basic format is the same.  The DJ takes calls from people either looking to sell something or looking to buy something.  Swap Shop talk leads to dumpster diving talk and Gustav talks about his experience a a dumpster diver and some of the junk that he found.

The team responds to emails from the Fake Bailey Jay and the Crandyman.  Somehow the conversation turns to Gustav describing his college career and how he abandoned any hope of getting a Chemistry minor.

KTXQ Q102 in Dallas Texas

Eighties Album Rock at It’s Best

Music has always played a big part in Can You Hear Me hosts lives.  They take a walk down memory lane and look back at the Eighties Radio Stations in the Dallas area that they listened to heavily.  KZEW listening led to Q102 or KEGL The Eagle listening with a detour to Z-Rock towards the end.  The guys realize that life is going to be totally different musically for their children.


KZEW Was The Departure Point

All of this album rock talk leads the guys to talk about the Texas Jam.  The Texas Jam was a day long concert held at the Cotton Bowl during the summer from 1978 to the mid-Eighties.  Bands like Van Halen, Aerosmith and ZZ Top were some of the heavy hitters that people braved searing Texas Heat to see.  Unfortunately, the guys were just a bit too young to ever make it to the Texas Jam.  Heavy and Gustav however did make it to Farm Aid 92.  They talk briefly about the giant concert held at Texas Stadium, but Gustav promises that they will do a much more detailed retelling of the Farm Aid experience on a future episode.

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