Professor Brad – Articles of Confederation

This episode Gustav is blessed to have Professor Brad join him for the second part of their rambling conversation which covers prostitution, environmental determinism, circumcision talk and the Articles of Confederation.

articles of confederation

Professor Brad is an award winning historian and author and Gustav of course is just a guy who thinks he knows stuff.  So it’s only natural for the two of them to discuss the possible merits for society of prostitution.  Then they misidentify the wrong historic Louisiana governor, but that’s not important, since they were on a roll.

Brad tries to lure Gustav into political talk, but instead they settle on discussing their general location on the current political spectrum which then turns into Articles of Confederation talk.    That leads to further discussion of socialism, democracy and libertarianism.

Gus asks if Brad remembered being as angry politically in his youth as the current landscape seems to be.  The idea that a president needs a “Bad Guy” adversary is postulated.

Discussing presidents brings up the idea of the winners in history not always having to answer for their own sins as great as the defeated must.  Gus and Brad discuss FDR’s internment camps as a prime example.

And then Brad yanks the wheel and we head into the ditch for circumcision talk which somehow leads to Brad dispelling environmental determinism.


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City of Gustav – Unusual Christmas Traditions

Join Gustav for a Christmas themed discussion of unusual Christmas traditions from around the world.  Gus describes Saint Nicolas’s helpers like Krampus, Knecht Ruprecht and Zwarte Piet.  And he will explain intriguing Catalonian traditions such as Tio de Nedal (also known as Caga Tio ) and the El Caganer figurines in the Nativity.

krampus unusual christmas tradition


Then it’s time to revisit America’s favorite Christmas Poet as we replay Heavy’s 2016 Christmas poem.

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City of Gustav – One Time Pads

Gustav delves into the world of Cryptography and the Cold war to talk about One Time Pads and mysterious Number Stations.  Due to scheduling conflicts and the time constraints of the holiday season, Gustav once again takes you into the rabbit hole of his mind to learn about espionage and gadgetry.


One time pads are means of creating a coded message that only can be deciphered if you have the corresponding copy of the one time pad.  Intelligence agencies used them throughout the Cold War in conjunction with mysterious radio transmissions on what the public nicknamed Number Stations.  Number stations broadcast on short wave frequencies and deliver one way messages to field operatives.


One time pads and numbers stations


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City of Heavy – Crappie Filets

America has spoken, so Heavy has his own episode this week to talk about crappie filets, documentaries, and what ever else suits him.  He’s always maintained that he is America’s favorite and the one and only.  So it only made sense to give loyal listeners and future generations a special episode dedicated to Heavy.

crappie filets

To get the ball rolling, Heavy shares with you his favorite way to prepare Crappie filets.  Get out those index cards to write down this info so that you can pass it on down to your grandkids.  Then Heavy engages in some international diplomacy with our Australian and Ecuadoran listeners.  Find out what Heavy knows about Australia and Mel Gibson’s ranting.

Heavy has recently watched a movie based on the life of British Colonel Percival Fawcett called the Lost City of Z, so he shares his thoughts on it and the role of historical timeline proximity and how it shapes generational perceptions of events.

Having rewatched the Ken Burns’ Civil War documentary and as he currently watches the Vietnam series, Heavy has thoughts about documentaries and the work of Ken Burns.  He ponders the narrative challenge to stay neutral in telling of historical events.  Then he turns his attention to a recent TED Talk he watched regarding America being founded on the principal of genocide.  He discusses the plight of the Native American’s, Depression era lynchings, the American Indian Movement’s occupation of both Alcatraz and Wounded Knee as well as the 24 hour news cycle.  And once again William F. Buckley is referenced in regard to the Huey Newton episode of Firing Line.


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The North Texas Gas Crisis of 2017

The full crew is back to talk about hiding out, the North Texas Gas Crisis, hushpuppies, Comanches and much more.  Right off the bat they start off with Long John Silvers, hushpuppies and catfish restaurant talk (again).  But that doesn’t last long as Heavy attacks Gus and tries to blame him for the North Texas Gas Crisis of 2017.  Blame may be a strong word, but Heavy does believe Gus had a hand in it.  Heavy also recounts Gus and the global rice shortage many years ago.

north texas gas crisis

Gus once again stresses that everyone should have at least 72 hours worth of food and water on hand for an emergency situation.  That leads to a twitter question from Tell wondering what the boys would recommend to have with them if they had to go into hiding in West Texas.  Surprisingly enough, they don’t give a straight answer and they ultimately leave out a lot things.

Gus recalls alt-country/Americana singer/songwriter Kevin Welch’s song “Wilson’s Tracks”and from there Heavy talks about how he was a house guest in the Seattle area once upon a time.  That leads to a discussion about natural resources availability and the effect that scarcity had on whether or not Native American tribes established more stable settlements which led to increased population densities.  That leads to Gus mentioning the Japanese explorer/Zunni language hypothesis which will need to be further investigated.

Ty has been reading “The Empire of the Sun and the Moon” about the Comanche nation and that leads to a lot of discussion about Comanche raiding parties during the 1700’s and 1800’s.

Heavy talks about the response to Hurricane Harvey and ties back to the Eastern Bloc with a story about his friend’s Hungarian wife and her baked bean conundrum.

They finally get back to Tell’s question but they get hung up on the “Two is One, One is None” redundant equipment philosophy.


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What is a Yankee?

Heavy, Ty and Gustav are back to answer emails, Twitter questions and have Heavy tell us what is a yankee.

Right off the bat, we apologize for some technical difficulties that we encountered during the editing of this episode.  We will try to do better moving forward, but we say that to the women in our lives, so don’t hold your breath.

For this episode, we put out the call to the listeners for emails and Twitter questions and once again you did not disappoint.  Except for Fake Bailey Jay who continues to disappoint us by not joining us in person.

Steve from Baltimore sent in a great email asking about what it means to be a Texan.  That leads Heavy to climb upon his soapbox, start pulling out maps and to try and get Ty and Gus to read some pamphlets he’s been working on.  That leads to Gus and Ty asking Heavy “What is a Yankee?”  That leads to it’s own lecture and once he is done, you will all be clear on his criteria.

mason-dixon line

Aaron , Tom and Fake Sports Bot send a ton of Twitter questions ranging from cigarettes, lawyers, gold, and topical tropical islands.

Gus has a show and tell with some recent additions to his vintage record collection.

Then the audio problem interrupts the guys having some serious old man talk.  And to further derail the good times, Heavy starts talking about politics in the 903 area code.


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Professor Brad – Mexico’s George Washington

Have you ever heard of Mexico’s George Washington?  Listen to this first part of a two part special series where Gustav sits down with everyone’s favorite historian, Professor Brad and maybe you will figure out what he means.  Sadly Ty and Heavy seem to have abandoned the podcast, so Gustav begged Brad to join him for what was initially going to be an hour of scholarly talk.  But lucky for the listener, the scholarly mumbo jumbo is augmented by the meandering and confusing rabbit trails that you have come to expect from Gustav and his enabler Brad.

Brad starts the ball rolling with a tale of his Uncle Doobie and a hitchhiker, which fits nicely with the recent hitchhiking episode Ty and Gus did a few weeks ago.  Gustav dabbles with psychoanalyzing Brad’s bad tooth pick up line, but abandons that thread for several questions that loyal listeners and fans of Brad sent in via Twitter:

  1. Cody asks about breakfast soup
  2.  Aaron inquires about Texas secession boundaries
  3.  Ginsburg asks about other books Brad would want to write
  4.  Trey wants to know who the villains of  World War I were
  5.  Tell wonders if Brad is just luring him to buy his book by telling him he is descended from great men of New Spain

As you can imagine, these questions lead Gus and Brad down a myriad of dead ends, rabbit holes and erroneous statements.  Somewhere along the way Brad talks about a failed comic book idea, Gustav struggles for the name of space flight pioneer Wernher von Braun, Brad teaches us that Augustine de Iturbide was Mexico’s George Washington and all other kinds of useless information.

Augustine de Iturbide - Mexico's George Washington

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And listen to Brad each week on his own podcast Below the Belt

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Short Version of David Koresh

Once again Ty and Gustav are without Heavy, so they discuss raising kids, answer emails and how one of them looked like David Koresh in 1993.  We apologize for Heavy’s absence, but just imagine how joyful his homecoming will be!

Being parents, Ty and Gus find themselves having to deal with other parents.  Gus asks what do you do if you like the fellow parent, but don’t like their kid. That leads to a discussion about the over-videoing parents today, which prompts Barbershop talk once again which somehow leads to the subject of Green Stamps, which everyone collected and redeemed back in the 60’s and 70’s.

The guys return to the earlier topic of college jobs and Ty remembers how he worked laying water pipe (not a euphemism) one summer with our high school chemistry teacher.

An email from good dude and long time listener Valley Butcher brings about David Koresh and Branch Davidian talk.  Naturally what starts off as a serious discussion about a tragedy of is subverted by a side story about a gravy drinking contest and how one of them looked like a short version of David Koresh during the stand-off.

david koresh in court with mini-14

Can we prove that Gustav isn’t really David Koresh????

Gustav climbs on his libertarian soapbox for a bit to talk about the Davidians, the MOVE debacle in Philadelphia, and the Ruby Ridge fiasco.  But that only lasts for a short bit before Ty distracts him with hot dog talk.

They regain focus and talk about other historic moments in their youth like the Challenger, the U.S. Marine base bombing in Beirut and the O.J. Simpson chase.

Friend of the show Conner sends a thought provoking email about the future of masculinity, which brings them back on track and they circle back to the raising of kids and the seeming devaluation of masculinity in our society at the moment.

So send us your emails about  raising kids, what you can put on a hot dog or any cult leaders you used to look like to

Be sure to listen to listen to Gustav’s guest appearance on Megan’s Movie Podcast on the Blowout Podcast Network where he and Megan talk about Tombstone.

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U.S.S. Pueblo

Ty went to Rangers spring training and Heavy and Gustav couldn’t get together so Gustav decided to educate the masses on the U.S.S. Pueblo incident.

USS Pueblo spy ship

The U.S.S. Pueblo

Gus starts off by digging into some Korean history and showing the inherent isolationist tendencies of past Korean rulers.  Both invasions by neighbors and intrusions by Europeans, including the S.S. General Sherman incident as well as French and U.S. expeditions, kept Korea sequestered till the late 19th century.

Kim Il Sung’s rise to power is then discussed as well as his actions regarding the Korean War, the DMZ Crisis and the Blue House Attack.  By setting the scene of the situation on the Korean peninsula in the late nineteen sixties, Gustav prepares you for the tale of the U.S.S. Pueblo and her crew.

uss pueblo propaganda photo with sailor flipping off the camera

The Ever So Subtle Hawaiian Good Luck Sign

The U.S.S. Pueblo was an American spy ship working off the Eastern coast of North Korea.  She was discovered and captured by the North Korean navy.  Her crew was then taken to Pyongyang, the capitol of North Korea.  The crew was tortured and used for propaganda purposes, but they came up with a way to resist, by flipping off the cameraman, which they told the North Korean captors was a Hawaiian Good Luck Sign.

Ultimately the crew was released and returned to the U.S., but a full court of inquiry was launched against the ship’s officers.  Listen to find out the rest of the story.

The full crew of Heavy, Ty and Gustav will be back next week with their usual mix of laughs, weird stories and listener emails.  You can send your own questions, topic ideas, or weird stories to

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Polonium Poisoning

ex kgb alexander litvenenko assassinated

The Mysterious Death of Alexander Litvenenko Due to Polonium Poisoning

This week Gustav delivers a solo episode where he brings you a lecture about Polonium poisoning, a brief history of Chechnya, and the assassination of Alexander Litvenenko.

Stealing a page from historian and documentary maker James Burke, Gustav tries to weave a tale of how history and science combined to explain the assassination of former KGB/FSB officer Alexander Litvenenko.

Starting off with a brief history of Chechnya and their resistance to any outside forces, Gustav lays the foundation for the tale.  He then turns to Paris in 1898 as Pierre and Marie Curie break ground in the fledgling science of nuclear physics.  Madame Curie discovered Polonium, which she was awarded one of her Nobel Prizes for her research.

Moving to the twentieth century, the Chechen interaction with the powers of the Soviet Union continue their pattern of resistance and and punitive actions.  With the discussion of World War II, he moves to the United States Manhattan Project and their usage of Polonium for the fledgling nuclear arms production.

Then Gustav jumps to the late eighties as we pick up the tale of Alexander Litvenenko, a young KGB officer.  He explains the evolution of the post Soviet security/intelligence community in the fledgling Russian Federation and describes the impact of corruption and capitalism in the nineties.


Litvenenko’s stand against corruption in the FSB which Vladimir Putin was the head, sent him on a path of persecution, exile and ultimately ended with his assassination via polonium poisoning.

While there has never been a definitive resolution to the mystery of Litvenenko’s polonium poisoning, Gustav lays out the primary suspects and the general consensus of Western law enforcement, as well as some alternate theories out of the Russian Federation.

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