The Art of Dragon Brag – Desert Island Hypothetical

On this week’s Dragon Brag, Season 6 Episode 2 “Home” or as Mike “Machine” Marshall alternatively titled it “Would Ya’ll Just Give it a Fucking Second” or second alternate title “Hey Asshole, this Mother Fucker Undead”, Jay sent in another hypothetical for Mike Sirois and Machine to ponder.

In Jay’s email, which was very light on preaching this week after weeks of brow beating by the Sports Dragon and the Machete, he asked woud you pick as your companion for a year on a desert island Mr. Tux (the Hey Cats Lady’s cat), an iPod with unlimited battery but which only had Creed songs loaded upon it, or the Marshall Report.  The catch was that when the rescue party arrived one year from the original date of arriving upon the island, you had to eat your “companion” before you could be rescued.

Machine instantly chose the iPod full of Creed songs before hearing the catch.  This leads the faithful listeners to believe he may have a life size tattoo of Scott Stapp across his back which he has been hiding from the LFTP1’s all this time.  Mikey however chose Mr. Tux.  But when he found out that he would be forced to eat Mr. Tux, he thought his choice proved to be an even better one.

I would like to think that Mr. Tux would enjoy his limited time in a tropical paradise with the Infinite Patriot as his sole companion.  And ultimately, he would realize that his sacrifice of his life so that Mike “The Wizard” Sirois could once again be back on the air of KTCK the Ticket on his wildly popular Saturday midday show Cirque du Sirois with his twin Lithuanian brother Cash Sirois.  Sadly, Mike Marshall would probably have gone insane after a year of listening to Creed mumble “Where Lineman Ski…”.  Truly, a poor choice for this week’s hypothetical.

mike sirois of dragon brag and ktck

Mr. Tux and Mike Sirois are stranded on a desert island