Gene Shalit is Alive and Well

After several months, Ty returns to discuss Gene Shalit, old high school yearbooks and other nonsense.  Heavy is off trying to find a good crappie spot, so Ty and Gustav have to record without him.


Being men of a certain age, they discuss hair cuts, rogue hairs and eyebrow trimming before they retell the story of Heavy at the family night and his campaign to be the mayor of the 903 area code.

Ty recently got four copies of his mom’s high school yearbooks so they talk about Father Monteblanc who is featured prominently and how different the high school kids of early seventies and late sixties looked compared to subsequent generations.

Speaking of high school, Gustav retells the story of his poor French teacher and how after almost 30 years, she is still haunted by the memories of teaching Gustav to ecoute et repute.

They discuss the decline of family reunions and how Megan’s family reunion t-shirt caused awkwardness.  Then Ty relates how Megan’s dad is pissed at him for an ice cream recommendation.

Speaking of Megan’s Movie Podcast the boys turn to film and film critics.  Gustav talks about Bobby Wygant and Siskel and Ebert, and then they wonder if Gene Shalit is Alive and Well.   On air fact checking confirms he is, at least at the time of the recording.

gene shalit film critic

It’s either Gene Shalit or the Wizard of Oz

They then discuss Peter Bogdonovich, Ben Johnson and the Last Picture Show as well as Russ Meyer movies, Mexican Charlton Heston in Touch of Evil, Marilyn Chambers as the Ivory Snow girl and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.


It’s a fast paced stream of conscience episode so buckle up.


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City of Gustav – Don’t Drink Untreated Water

Gustav takes on the questionable advice from a recent Slate article telling Backpackers that they don’t need to treat their water.  Reviewing the articles citations, Gustav breaks down the studies cited, their methodology, their findings and why the Slate author is giving bad advice.  Then Gustav describes water borne pathogens common to untreated water in the United States and Canada.

untreated water can contain Giardia lamblia

Giardia lamblia


Let us know who you think about untreated water, raw water, bad science, lack of common sense or general foolish advice and email us at

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Angela Lansbury Was Not That Bad

Once again KaJay Randill joins Heavy and Gustav to answer emails and listen to Gus claim Angela Lansbury was something in her day.    There is still no sign of Ty so KaJay Randill pulled our bacon out of the fire and kept Heavy and Gus from talking bonsai trees for an hour.  They try to be funny and ask non-sports Gus about his favorite sports documentaries.

Gustav recounts the boys at It’s Just Banter’s recent guest episode with Throatzilla, noted celebrity fellatio expert.    Then they open up the mail bag and answer ancient emails from four months ago.  Topical is never and adjective to describe Can You Hear Me.  Long time contributor and master of the flashlight and the  Voltron formation, Cody emails with a solid Halloween themed series of questions about costumes and candies and more.  Tell delves into the world of pumpkin chunkin in his email.  A new emailer tells us how science did the rest.

The boys discuss the best Don based on a series of tweets that AWOL Ty is a part of including Don Cornelius, Don Adams and Don Knotts.

angela lansbury youngGus just can’t help himself and he makes a stand on the relative hotness of Angela Lansbury in her youthful starlet days and then  he makes a very dad joke.

Heavy and Gus recount one of the roughest concerts they ever went to, which happened to be a Willie Nelson concert in Lubbock, TX in 1994 (although it could have been fall of 1993 and Gus just can’t quite pin it down.).


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Pro-Mayonnaise Articles

Once again Clay Ranfield joins Heavy and Gustav to talk about pro-mayonnaise articles and the world we live in.  Ty was off on vacation so Clay sat in with us for a session where three middle aged guys in their forties talk about modern angst.  But before we get to the that we have some fun.  Gustav retells the story of Gustav and the Three Bears  and how the Kids in the Hall warped him forever.

pro-mayonnaise articles

They then discuss David Letterman’s new show, which Letterman was the best and Gustav hopes that Andy Kaufman faked his own death just like he faked everything else.

Aaron asks us if we would commit sepuku.  Kim asks us what we think about the president tweeting.

Gustav revisits the question he asked Professor Brad on a previous episode and wonders why young people are so angry.  Heavy approaches it from a practical standpoint and a thoughtful conversation somehow emerges.

Then Gustav talks about Facebook and how people posting incessant pro-mayonnaise articles has made him hardly even use it anymore.

Let us know who you think faked their own deaths, or why you are so angry or your pro-mayonnaise articles to

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Does Rambo III Count?

Heavy and Gustav are joined by special guest Ray Ranfill to discuss smuggling, eighties tv shows and Rambo III.  As you well know, Ray Ranfill is a long time friend of the show and frequent emailer who we have been lucky enough to have join us once again.

To start the episode, Heavy discusses a news story about liquid meth and Gus reads a story from Arizona about a cache of plastic explosives that someone accidentally dug up.

Twitter questions lead us into a discussion about Jan Smithers, Erin Gray or someone else and then that leads Gustav to a shocking confession (alright not that shocking) about Mrs. Garrett from Diff’rent Strokes and Facts of Life fame.  Heavy then upsets Gustav concerning a guest star on Facts of Life.

rambo III afghanistan

Attention turns to war movies and the boys rattle off a bunch of good ones.  Heavy wanted the movies listed, so here you go:


Tora! Tora! Tora!


A Bridge Too Far

The Longest Day

Cross of Iron

Saving Private Ryan

Bridge Over River Kwai

Apocalypse Now Redux

The Deer Hunter

Full Metal Jacket


Rambo 3

We Were Soldiers

Hurt Locker

Lone Survivor

Blackhawk Down

BAT 21

First Blood

Hamburger Hill

Rambo: First Blood Part 2

Rambo III

Red Dawn


Then Gustav geeks out and explains comic book movies and the general comic book universes to a questioning Heavy.  Howard the Duck gets mentioned again and Gustav continues to ponder the awesomeness of Rambo III and it’s final battle.

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Professor Brad – Articles of Confederation

This episode Gustav is blessed to have Professor Brad join him for the second part of their rambling conversation which covers prostitution, environmental determinism, circumcision talk and the Articles of Confederation.

articles of confederation

Professor Brad is an award winning historian and author and Gustav of course is just a guy who thinks he knows stuff.  So it’s only natural for the two of them to discuss the possible merits for society of prostitution.  Then they misidentify the wrong historic Louisiana governor, but that’s not important, since they were on a roll.

Brad tries to lure Gustav into political talk, but instead they settle on discussing their general location on the current political spectrum which then turns into Articles of Confederation talk.    That leads to further discussion of socialism, democracy and libertarianism.

Gus asks if Brad remembered being as angry politically in his youth as the current landscape seems to be.  The idea that a president needs a “Bad Guy” adversary is postulated.

Discussing presidents brings up the idea of the winners in history not always having to answer for their own sins as great as the defeated must.  Gus and Brad discuss FDR’s internment camps as a prime example.

And then Brad yanks the wheel and we head into the ditch for circumcision talk which somehow leads to Brad dispelling environmental determinism.


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Professor Brad – Dragon’s Lair

Since Heavy and Ty are still absent without leave, Gustave recruited Professor Brad to talk about movies, productivity, Dragon’s Lair and much more.   This week will be appearance one for Professor Brad in a special two week engagement.

Starting of Brad and Gus discuss all of Brad’s major awards as he is the only doctor on the Blowout Podcast Network, where he co-hosts the Below the Belt Podcast with his friend and smiley man Ryan.  Gustav then turns the discussion towards science fiction books and movies set or made before computers became what they are today.  That leads to a discussion about 2001: A Space Odyssey and the works of Stanley Kubrick, including A Clockwork Orange, The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut.  (In a glaring omission, Gustav fails to mention Kubrick’s Vietnam masterpiece, Full Metal Jacket, but he will discuss it in an upcoming episode that has since been recorded).

You can’t talk to Brad too long about anything without video games coming up.  So the discussion going from “arcades” of a certain type over to the classic Leisure Suit Larry mature themed video game series just seems natural.  That in turn bridges from the game mechanics of Sierra style games of the eighties to Gustav’s memories about failing at the classic eighties arcade game Dragon’s Lair.  Then Brad and Gustav discuss how they are both suffering from a perceived lack of productivity in their objectives.


dragon's lair arcade game

A Death Cut Scene From Dragon’s Lair

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The Best of 2017

Join Gustav as he takes you through some of the best stories and bits to give you the best of 2017.

Best of 2017

Thanks to all of our listeners who sent emails, tweets or smoke signals.  And a big thanks to our guests throughout the year.  J.J, Professor Brad, Ray Ranfill and Megan Fleming were all a big help in keeping the machinery running.


We look forward to entertaining you in 2018!  Email us at



City of Gustav – Unusual Christmas Traditions

Join Gustav for a Christmas themed discussion of unusual Christmas traditions from around the world.  Gus describes Saint Nicolas’s helpers like Krampus, Knecht Ruprecht and Zwarte Piet.  And he will explain intriguing Catalonian traditions such as Tio de Nedal (also known as Caga Tio ) and the El Caganer figurines in the Nativity.

krampus unusual christmas tradition


Then it’s time to revisit America’s favorite Christmas Poet as we replay Heavy’s 2016 Christmas poem.

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City of Gustav – One Time Pads

Gustav delves into the world of Cryptography and the Cold war to talk about One Time Pads and mysterious Number Stations.  Due to scheduling conflicts and the time constraints of the holiday season, Gustav once again takes you into the rabbit hole of his mind to learn about espionage and gadgetry.


One time pads are means of creating a coded message that only can be deciphered if you have the corresponding copy of the one time pad.  Intelligence agencies used them throughout the Cold War in conjunction with mysterious radio transmissions on what the public nicknamed Number Stations.  Number stations broadcast on short wave frequencies and deliver one way messages to field operatives.


One time pads and numbers stations


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